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The SCI Foundation conservation team funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation. Each of our programs – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America – have specific areas of focus, from disease to predator-prey interaction to conservation to hunting management. They work closely with SCI Chapters and members to advance hundreds of local, regional, and global wildlife conservation projects each year. Chapters around the world are involved in projects to promote conservation of wildlife.


Education makes a difference in wildlife conservation. Sportsmen and women, avid in their passion of the outdoors, pass on their knowledge to peers and young people to continue our outdoor heritage. What better way to learn about the outdoors and nature than by attending educational programs and workshops that not only focus on conservation education but demonstrate how to use the outdoors and nature as a classroom? At SCI Foundation's American Wilderness Leadership School location in Jackson, Wyoming, educators and students learn about conservation, wildlife management, and outdoor recreation through outdoor, hands-on activities. Through SCI Foundation, college scholarships are available to students seeking degrees in wildlife management, natural resources or a related field of study. The SCI Foundation Hands On Wildlife Kit is a teaching tool for anyone teaching youth science concepts related to wildlife management in North America. Instructional tools contained in the Kit include videos, posters, and work sheets, pelts of four mammals with replicas of their scat, tracks and skulls. It comes with a copy of The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation curriculum.


Through the Safari Club International Foundation's myriad humanitarian programs, SCI chapters and individual members demonstrate the highest levels of philanthropy by directly reaching out to people in need throughout the world. Join us and help make a difference! We invite you to be a part of the SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services team. We gladly accept donations for all of our programs. •We feed millions of meals to the hungry each year through the Sportsmen Against Hunger TM Program, which shares the harvest of nature's resources; •We provide humanitarian relief efforts and offer free healthcare and supplies to impoverished communities around the globe via the SafariCare TM Program (Blue Bag program); •We introduce the blind, visually-impaired, and handicapped to the wonders of wildlife through the hands-on wildlife learning experience that is our Sensory Safari TM Program; •We help those with life-threatening or terminal illnesses through our SafariWish program; •We promote courage and dignity while enabling the disabled to enjoy the great outdoors and fulfill lifelong hunting wishes via our Disabled Hunter TM / Pathfinder TM Program.